Name of Qualification

・Official name “Cognience Integration Therapist”
* Cognience (a coined word that summarizes Cognitive Science)
・ Abbreviated name “CIT”
・Japanese name “Cognitive Science Integrative Therapist”

Outline of Certification System

・The Society grants accreditation to those who have acquired specialized expertise in non-invasive interventions in clinical practice that integrates cognitive science and medicine (COSIA).

We introduce BFI and BReIN as one of the intervention methods, but members who practice other techniques are not at a disadvantage in obtaining certification.

This is because CIT is a certification that requires the orientation (stance) of a clinician. In CIT, clinical experience value related to COSIA as well as relative medicine andSoft theoryEmphasis is placed on understanding of

It doesn't matter what kind of practice you do. "How you think" is everything.

Even if you are a beginner in software theory, "read our content for about 30 minutes a day, 4 to 5 days a week." If you continue to do just this for one year, you will acquire sufficient knowledge and qualities suitable for CIT certification.

If you already have a high degree of understanding of software theory, you may already have CIT or higher or CIT senior instructor level skills without even looking at our content.

Please lend us your power to rewrite the book that is overemphasized on hardware theory.

Eligibility for certification
Application for Examination
certification examination
Granting of certification
renewal system
Revocation of Certification, etc.
About CIT Certified Instructor
About CIT Certified Advanced Instructor

The above information is subject to revision without notice.


Professional License “CIT” for Designing Vertical Integration of Cognitive Science and Medicine

Cognience integration therapist

The future of wellbeing lies in the integration of cognitive science and medicine.

One of the certifications that makes this possible is the Cognitive Science Integrative Therapist “CIT”.

Please add “CIT” to your business card (title).